Solventless High Duty Epoxy & PU Flooring / Polyurethane Coating / Screeds / Covings Service Contractor in Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Maharashtra

We offer Solventless High Duty Epoxy & PU Coatings. Polyurethane paints are also called PUP. Epoxy / PU Floorings are appreciated for its jointless tough gloss protective finish and are suitable for application on almost any surface. The products are formulated in a manner so as to make these resistant to solvent spillages and have a good impact resistance and thus are considered to be ideal for pharmaceuticals, engineering, hangars, warehouses,, workshops, utility rooms and balconies.

Colourplus has many years experience as formulator /applicator for industrial, commercial, hospital projects in 'Protecting & Decorating' their floors.

Epoxy self leveling top coats: 100% solvent free epoxy material which is applied on a primed surface gives excellent gloss and finish. The material gives excellent abrasion resistance and gloss retention for a long time.


  • hard wearing and chemical resistance
  • jointless and easy to clean
  • fast & hassle free job
  • aesthetic appearance
  • durable
  • available in attractive colour shade

Exterior / Interior Textured Wall Painting